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Nature Epigenetics Coach

Experience Your Life and Health Fully Radiant

Human Optimization Balanced with Nature

The next chapter of your story starts here. 

Anxiety and exhaustion disappear as balance and inspiration become your compass directing you to a life you THRIVE in!

Let your mind, body, spirit and DNA be nurtured with nature's beauty. Decompress, immerse yourself in nature, participate in our Epigenetics class, eat a healthy DNA diet, and regain your radiance.


Discover experiences where nature truly meets nurture. 


The Science of Lifestyle

Nature + Nurture

Researchers have in recent years come to realize that genes aren't a fixed, predetermined program. DNA is not your destiny!


Instead, genes can be turned on and off by experiences and environment. Including time in NATURE.

What we eat, stress levels, and what toxins we're exposed to can all alter our genes. In this new science of "epigenetics," researchers are exploring how nature and nurture combine to create the science of lifestyle.


Nature & Healing

Nature's Beauty Inspires & Heals

Science supports the importance of connecting to Mother Nature. It promotes health and wellbeing in human beings - through nature immersion, earthing, forest bathing, green spaces, being near water, and more. 

Nature, in its glorious beauty, affects our DNA. Studies have shown that when we connect more with nature – we forest bath, earth or ground etc – anxiety comes down, mental health improves, our immune system becomes stronger, we have more anti-cancer proteins, natural killer cells are stimulated and we are more creative.

Leann Spofford - Nature's Beauty Heals

Nature's Beauty Heals

Your path to a healthy & thriving lifestyle.

You’re twice as likely to meet your wellness goals when you have a support system, individualized plan, and a dose of nature.

Leann Spofford - Apeiron Zoh Epigenetics


5 Ways to Use Your Genetic DNA Data To Feel Radiant

The path to an optimized lifestyle is one step at a time. Individualized...


Understanding how to use your unique genetic blueprint and what steps to take is the key to your solutions for energy, sleep, fitness, nutrition and a strong confident mindset. 

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