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Leann Spofford

Certified Epigenetics Lifestyle Coach  


Leann Spofford has been in the healthcare industry for 25 years.

She is passionate about health and wellness and takes a nature-based approach to her own lifestyle and with her clients.


She’s created a nature immersion retreat experience to educate and empower others to optimize their life and human potential with epigenetics. And, she provides one-on-one epigenetics lifestyle coaching.


  • Bachelor of Science in Business Administration, Marketing

  • Event Planner

  • Nature Enthusiast


Leann Spofford

Apeiron’s Epigenetic Human Performance Coaches learn a systems-based precision approach to optimize the performance and potential of the human system by leveraging genomic and epigenetic lifestyle strategies along with leading edge research and technologies. They are on the leading edge of human evolution and are part of a TRIBAL Global Movement creating a new paradigm in precision epigenetic programming, one that leaves sick care and even wellness far behind to create an optimized and enhanced state of thriving human performance and potential.


Apeiron Coaches empower themselves and their clients to achieve limitless potential and establish lifelong patterns that create youthful longevity. These coaches receive mentoring from advanced level experienced coaches and partner with fellow students to refine their personal coaching styles. They connect on specific topic driven webinars and live discussions to have Q & A time and share what they have learned to contribute to everyone’s success in a greater way.


Apeiron coaches are recognized as experts in epigenetic coaching and gain access to proprietary genetic templates that have been validated through scientific research and translated into evidence-based clinical use over the past eleven years. An Apeiron coach receives the epigenetic human performance coaching manual and template guides to make genetics and epigenetic translation easy to understand and implement.

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Your Complete Age Reversal Guide To Look And Feel 10 Years Younger Perform At Your Peak With Purpose And Joy To Live Life Optimized To 120 And Beyond! 


Nature's Beauty Inspires

My New Book - Coming Soon

I AM inspired by nature's beauty. In all of it's abundant form, nature provides for our planet which provides abundance for all. If we as people are grateful for nature's beauty it raises awareness to take care of our planet. And, if we raise our vibrational energy simply by being grateful for the moment of beauty nature gives us, we can raise the conscious awareness of our world.

My goal is to share nature's beauty and inspiration through my eyes. I first thought of this idea after spending many moments at a beautiful seaside location in Florida.

Nature's Beauty Inspires Book Cover

I watched as people all over the world had their picture taken at a beautiful driftwood tree. Pure joy in the moment of natures beauty! The Beauty Tree, as I called it, inspired me to think bigger.

And learning about the Law of Attraction made me think of this concept I call "Nature's Beauty Project". I share inspirations so we can be grateful for all of nature's divine beauty. Gratitude is an important step to apply the Law of Attraction.

The body has the inherent ability to establish, maintain, and restore health. This internal healing is supported by our connection with nature. Being in nature restores us, calms us, and gives us perspective which ultimately keeps us healthy.

A look at life as a process of creation. Think Buddha meets Louis Vuitton for a walk in nature.

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