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Nature's Beauty Heals

An epigenetics retreat experience with Nature.

Nature + Nurture.

“I go to nature to be soothed, healed and have my senses put in order.”

- John Burroughs, American Naturalist

A wellness retreat, designed with nature-based science.

Express Your Epigenetic Signature to Flourish & Thrive


Immersive Weekend

Experience the beauty of nature immersion while learning how to harness the power of your DNA using epigenetics.

Our Immersive weekend includes:

  • Science-based epigenetics learning experience

  • Beach yoga + Meditation + EFT

  • Quiet nature surroundings to enhance the experience

  • Learn how to create a roadmap to thrive using epigenetics

  • A DNA guided meal of healthy options

  • Stand up paddle board adventure in mangroves or bike excursion

  • Forest bathing and nature guided walk

  • Nature's beauty and abundance

Nature-based Retreats are held in sunny Florida. 

Get a dose of healing ocean waters, crystal quartz sand, and an escape in nature while learning how to harness the power of your DNA.

Take time to rebalance your life and connect to yourself and Earth on this nature immersive learning experience. 

The Advantages of the Collective

Self-care, self-love, human connection and nature connection are included.

The key to longevity and happiness is our social connections.​ So please come with your group of friends or make some new human connections. 


We accommodate Corporate Wellness Retreats.

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​To inquire about private retreats, email

Unlock the code to your DNA

Discover how to thrive in your environment with science-based epigenetics. 

Reach your full human potential.

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