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One-on-One Coaching

Transform and optimize your health, energy and vitality - with your own individualized plan.


Wellness Programs

Stop guessing or following fads! Harness the power of your DNA using epigenetics.

A DNA test does more than tell you where your ancestors were from. It offers an opportunity to transform and optimize your health, energy and vitality - with your own individualized plan.

Not only that, it offers a chance for you to expertly tailor your exercise, sleep, diet, and overall routine based on the specific results of your DNA.

The Benefits of Nature-based

Epigenetic Coaching

  • Boost Nutritional Awareness

  • Focus on Exercise That Will Benefit You Most​

  • Understand how your body and brain are affected by your lifestyle

  • Increase focus and productivity

  • Learn how incorporating nature in your life can help you manage your stress level

  • ​Strategize to achieve and sustain high performance

  • ​Manage Stress & Build Resiliency

  • Adjust/Create desired behaviors

  • Improve interpersonal and leadership communication

  • Positively affect gene expression

Now Offering:

6 & 12 month programs

Understanding your genetics is your path to an optimized life. ​ We'll custom-design a program for you based on your genetic report. 

Your individualized plan includes:

  • A DNA Test & Interpretation 

  • Science-based epigenetics learning experience

  • Learn how to create a roadmap to thrive using epigenetics

  • A DNA Guided: 

    • Sleep Plan

    • Nutrition Plan

    • Supplementation Plan

    • Detoxification

    • Hormones: How the pathways of each hormone function

    • Athletic Performance Plan​

Can I just start with a DNA Genetic Report?

Of course! If you're curious what epigenetics is about, and would like to explore more, try one or both of the options below:

  • If you are curious about your Epigenetic Age (your biological age versus your chronological age), we can help you! It's called MyDNA Age. Start where you are and reach your limitless potential!

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