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The Science of Lifestyle

Live the Optimized Life

Researchers have in recent years come to realize that genes aren't a fixed, predetermined program. DNA is not your destiny! Instead, genes can be turned on and off by experiences and environment.


What we eat, how much stress we undergo, and what toxins we're exposed to can all alter our genes. In this new science of "epigenetics," researchers are exploring how nature and nurture combine to create the science of lifestyle.

What is epigenetics?

Epigenetics literally means "above" or "on top of" genetics. (Epi-genetics)

It refers to external modifications to DNA that turn genes "on" or "off." These modifications do not change the DNA sequence, but instead, they affect how cells "read" genes. Each one of our cells, from skin cells to neurons, contains an identical DNA blueprint, yet they perform vastly different functions. 


The Human Genome Project was an international, collaborative research project that identified and mapped all of the known human genes. It specified where these genes are in the sequence and their purpose from a physical and functional standpoint. This project has completely revolutionized the way we understand genes, health, and medicine. Combine that with the element of nature and you have the magical ancient prescription for a thriving life!!

Why Epigenetics?

Understanding your genetics is your path to an optimized life.

DNA tests do more than tell you where your ancestors were from. They offer an opportunity for you to take control of your health and write your life story. 


Your DNA helps you to optimize your health based on your own genetic makeup, and take preventative measures to transform and optimize your health, energy and vitality - with your own individualized plan.

Not only that, it offers a chance for you to expertly tailor your exercise, sleep, diet, and overall routine based on the specific results of your DNA.

What's possible for you?

Each individual has within them the ability to create a thriving life. Epigenetics is providing the scientific evidence behind what makes this possible. 

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